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Apr 28, 2015

PNOC EC Leads PNOC Group to NECM Games Championship

4 December 2012, Energy Center – PNOC Exploration Corporation contestants led the Philippine National Oil Company Group to the overall championship in the 2012 National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM) Fun Games. Held as an annual event and part of the celebrations for the NECM and the Energy Week every December, the Games were staged at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Multipurpose Center.

Some 400 participants from the DOE, PNOC, National Power Corporation (NPC), National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO) and Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) took part in the seven-event games under the direction of the DOE Employees Association Sports Committee.

PNOC EC contestants led the way as the PNOC Group finished on the podium in six out of the seven events held, missing out only on the regular Composite Relay.

Obstacle Relay, Silver Medal, 19.6 seconds.

Centipede Relay, Silver Medal, 56.7 seconds.

Siamese Relay, Gold Medal, 34.6 seconds.

Sack Relay, Bronze Medal, 1:22.28.

Balloon Relay, Silver Medal, 54 seconds.

Carry the Queen, Silver Medal, 16.9 seconds.

Teams were given points based on their times in each event. Three points were awarded to the first-place team, two points for the second place team, and one point for the third place team. With its strong showing in almost every event, the PNOC Group wound up in a tie with the DOE in the initial tallying of scores.

Game officials decided to break the tie with a Composite Relay event. In the tie-breaker, DOE faltered in the Balloon Relay leg with their two contestants winding up repeating that leg twice. That gave the PNOC team more than enough headway as they cruised easily to the overall championship after that.

PNOC won a P10,000 gift check. DOE came in second overall in the team standings winning a P7,500 gift check, while the NPC team finished third and got a P5,000 gift check. PSALM and TRANSCO each got consolation prizes worth P2,500.

PNOC EC contestants were Rod Aragon, Mikko Crisostomo, Lou Constantino, Bryan Tabal, Shing Sharma, Jay-Ann Divinagracia, Chinky De la Torre, Fe Samillano, Jo-Jann Apistar, Jonah Villar, Daisy Pelobello, Armie Viterbo, Anna Solano, and Mai-Mai Handig.

“PNOC really deserved to be champions this year,” said DOE EA and Sports Committee head Ting Sevilla. “We hope to see everyone again for next year’s event.”

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