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In line with PNOC EC's mandate of providing a stable energy supply for the Philippines, the company is also involved in the exploration, development and production of coal in the country.

PNOC Exploration Corporation’s presence in the Philippine petroleum industry spans over 30 years, with its role evolving from that of a catalyst and promoter of local petroleum exploration to that of

PNOC EC's Trading and Marketing business continue to serve the fuel requirements of its industrial customers with coal supply coming from its own COC 41 small scale mines and other indigenous sources.


PNOC Exploration Corporation

Puts high value on the social component of its projects and operations. It engages the communities in which it operates to collaborate with the stake holders in the planning and implementation of various social projects.


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Recently, almost all the news media outlets, both on television, print, and online, including all social media platforms, continue to report misinformed news especially on the Malampaya-Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) Share sale which is causing a negative impact, not only to the image of the Company, but also to the morale of our Board of Directors, Officers, and Employees.

We, in PNOC Exploration Corporation (PNOC EC), would like to inform the public that the sale of the shares of SPEX in the Malampaya has not reached its final stage.  The statements of our detractors saying that this is a done deal is entirely false and at the same time, it belittles the efforts of our Board of Directors and Officers who have put numerous options on the table, making sure that there is sufficient evaluation to make certain the best choice emerges, not just for the Company, but most importantly, for the energy security of this country and the Filipino people.

It is against this backdrop that we want to assure the public, our partners, and our stakeholders that we have stringent control measures and systems in place to make certain that we come up with a sound business decision particularly to this transaction, and that we will fulfill our mandate to help sustain the growth of the economy and the social well-being of our nation.



The recent allegations announced in the media against several former and current officers of PNOC EC, including our Board of Directors, have brought into question the years of dedicated hard work and service given by these men and women who built PNOC EC into the Company it is today – a respected upstream oil, gas and coal corporation owned by the Philippine Government and the Filipino people.

The Officers and Board of Directors concerned categorically deny all the allegations levelled against them for being bereft of truth in fact and in law.  They will be answering all allegations in the proper forum after they have received a copy of the Complaint.  

PNOC EC Officers, Employees, including our Board of Directors, are public officers who have been entrusted with the mandate to continuously explore and develop sources of energy to help ensure continuous economic growth to the Philippines by providing a stable energy supply to the country.  As public servants, we cannot take away the right of the public to demand accountability from us for actions and decisions we took in the performance of our duties.  However, when the right to question is abused by certain individuals in an obvious attempt to sway the Filipino people’s perception to a conclusion that is not warranted under the circumstances, such actions are simply deplorable and cannot be countenanced.

In the interest of justice and fair play, it is important that the public know that every decision that the PNOC EC Officers and the Board of Directors make go through a very strict process, always keeping in mind relevant laws, rules and regulations, and PNOC EC’s contractual responsibilities and obligations to our partners.

PNOC EC is a model GOCC and a consistent top contributor of remittances to the National Government.  Our Officers, Employees, and Board of Directors are professionals and experts in their respective fields of specialization.  We go about our work strictly adhering to ethical standards of fairness, honesty and accountability in all our undertakings.  All actions of our Officers and Board of Directors will stand scrutiny in any court of law.

We will overcome this adversity with the help and support of everyone in our organization, and our stakeholders and partners in the industry.



So that our stakeholders and the general public may know, unscrupulous individuals and parties are once again using the name of PNOC EC In order to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting victims. PNOC EC reiterates yet again, that we do not solicit or ask for money, funds, or cash donations in exchange for any contracts, or for any of our services or requirements. PNOC EC adheres strictly to all laws, issuances, and government regulations, especially when it comes to money, payments, and remuneration of any kind.

We condemn in the strongest terms any and all attempts by any individual or party to use PNOC EC in order to carry out their nefarious schemes. We categorically deny any involvement in any of these schemes to defraud our stakeholders and the general public. We reiterate our call to report these individuals and parties immediately to PNOC EC through our listed contact Information on our official company website ( or to any of our official personnel. You may also contact us via email at or call or text us at 0917 133 6164.

Rest assured that any information passed on to PNOC EC will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

We also encourage anybody who has information on such individuals, parties, or schemes to report them to the Police, or any other law enforcement authorities, for proper action.


12 October 2020, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – PNOC Exploration Corporation (PNOC EC) was recently informed that a fake social media account has advertised that PNOC EC is hiring for various positions in the Company.

We wish to inform the public that none of the published information is accurate and true.

PNOC EC does not have any social media accounts. Interested applicants may apply through our Company website’s Careers page (i.e., Jobstreet ads, and/or through walk-in application. Any job vacancies found in any other media must be assumed as spurious and false.

A certain MARK MONTANEZ was the point person for this scam, which included charging the applicants PhP6,000.00 for HMO benefit and PhP2,900.00 for “uniform deposit”. Said person was also obtaining other confidential information from applicants by having them accomplish several forms (i.e. Health Declaration Form, Travel and Shuttle Service availment, and Health Insurance Application Form c/o Maxicare). Please note that Maxicare is not and has never been a service provider of PNOC EC. PNOC EC strongly condemns this act and we sincerely apologize to all those adversely affected by this.

We are taking all steps to investigate the matter thoroughly, as well as other legal and law enforcement steps necessary to ensure this never happens again. PNOC EC strongly enjoins the public to inform us immediately should they encounter similar suspicious acts via the Contact Us function of our Website (i.e. Rest assured that any information forwarded to us will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Let us all work together against the spread of false information on all media platforms.

Thank you and keep safe.

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