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Dec 18, 2020

PNOC EC Donates to Anawim Foundation in Lieu of Company Christmas Party

PNOC EC donated various goods and supplies, ranging from snack biscuits to adult diapers, to the Anawim Foundtion in Rodrigues, Rizal. In image (from right, all in dark uniform shirts) are Ms Nikki Camua of HRAD, Mr Marvin Santiago, and Col George Tagle of the Office of the President and CEO, along with Officers and Staff of Anawim. Col Tagle is shaking hands with Mr Hermie Morelos, Executive Director of Anawim.

PNOC EC Donates to Anawim Foundation in Lieu of Company Christmas Party

18 December 2020 – In lieu of their annual Company Christmas Party, PNOC Exploration Corporation, the upstream oil, gas, and coal exploration and development arm of the National Government, donated various goods and supplies to the Anawim Foundation in Rodriguez, Rizal.

PNOC EC President and CEO, Lt Gen Rozzano D Briguez (Ret), decided that it was best for the Company to dispense with this year’s Christmas Party, and instead use the budget earmarked for the usual year-end festivities to help the less fortunate. Gen Briguez thought it was both appropriate and more meaningful if the Company would reach out to the less fortunate, especially in the Christmas Season during this time of the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

The Anawim Foundation is the brainchild of Catholic Charismatic Preacher and motivational speaker Bo Sanchez. It is a private care facility for the elderly that has been operating for nearly 26 years, and currently houses 70 indigent senior citizens in its 6-hectare estate in the sprawling hills of Rodriguez, Rizal. Anawim is a Hebrew term from the Old Testament that means “God’s Poor”, or generally those who are vulnerable and marginalized.

“We live mostly by the Grace of God, and on donations and grants from individuals and organizations, and that is why we are always grateful for organizations like PNOC EC. Thank you for your generosity, especially for the biscuits, that is the favorite snack of the grandmas and grandpas in our care,” said Hermie Morelos, Executive Director of the Foundation and a close friend of Founder Bo Sanchez. Morelos and his staff gave a warm welcome for the delegation from PNOC EC.

“It was very tough for everybody here during the lockdown, because the grandmas and grandpas really thrive on the interaction and visits from guests such as yourselves. As you can see, we are a little far from the main centers of the big cities, so having guests here is always a welcome treat. With the quarantines and the new normal though, we of course have to be very strict about exposure of our elderly wards,” Morelos explained further.

For his part, Col Tagle returned the thanks to Anawim, “We are also very grateful for the opportunity to help Anawim, even in our own little way. And perhaps we can return soon and also interact with the grandmas and grandpas, hopefully when the health situation normalizes.”

In total, the Company donated the following: 560 Adult Underpads, 1,200 Adult Diapers, 200 packs of cotton balls, 100 large rolls of cotton, 10 large cans of assorted biscuits, five Tornado roller mops, 240 various canned goods, 50 liters of all-purpose bleach, 100 liters of 70% rubbing alcohol, and 100 cans of disinfectant spray.

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