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Aug 31, 2021


So that our stakeholders and the general public may know, unscrupulous individuals and parties are once again using the name of PNOC EC In order to perpetrate fraud on unsuspecting victims. PNOC EC reiterates yet again, that we do not solicit or ask for money, funds, or cash donations in exchange for any contracts, or for any of our services or requirements. PNOC EC adheres strictly to all laws, issuances, and government regulations, especially when it comes to money, payments, and remuneration of any kind.

We condemn in the strongest terms any and all attempts by any individual or party to use PNOC EC in order to carry out their nefarious schemes. We categorically deny any involvement in any of these schemes to defraud our stakeholders and the general public. We reiterate our call to report these individuals and parties immediately to PNOC EC through our listed contact Information on our official company website ( or to any of our official personnel. You may also contact us via email at or call or text us at 0917 133 6164.

Rest assured that any information passed on to PNOC EC will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

We also encourage anybody who has information on such individuals, parties, or schemes to report them to the Police, or any other law enforcement authorities, for proper action.

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