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President's Corner - National Women's Month 2022

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National Women's Month 2022


Message of the President

International Women’s day is celebrated every March 8 all over the world.  It is celebrated to recognize women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and promote gender equality.  In the Philippines, the whole month of March is Women’s Month and PNOC EC, under the very able leadership of our Vice President for Corporate Services and Chairperson of the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS), Ms. Luth Lacaba, is one with the country in the aim of making a difference by advancing women’s status by empowering and improving their representation, most especially in leadership roles.  This continuous initiative will definitely make PNOC EC a more effective and stronger organization.

All of our Units are represented in the GFPS Group, and they are primarily responsible in ensuring that we are aligned with all GAD initiatives and regulations, especially those promulgated through the Philippine Commission on Women or PCW, the lead government agency for GAD.

Our GAD Manual and Anti-Sexual Harassment or ASH Policy, and the yearly GAD Plans, Programs and Budget of PNOC EC are just a few of the very important accomplishments of our hardworking GFPS. 

As noted by the Gender Sensitivity Training specialists, and other GAD experts who have seen what we have done in PNOC EC, we are among the most compliant and gender-friendly organizations.

We are also continuously improving in the GAD arena. We are currently working on achieving full Gender Mainstreaming throughout our organization, beginning with the ongoing creation of a Sex Aggregated Databank. We are one with the PCW in working on achieving and maintaining full Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment or GEWE. We have a very strict, zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment in our work place. We strive to be fully compliant with the Magna Carta of Women, the Safe Spaces Act, and the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act, as well as other laws and regulations that empower women and minimize or eliminate gender biases and limits.

We are also one with the PCW in the final year of their six-year program centered on the main theme of We Make Change Work for Women, with the subtheme for 2022 being Agenda ng Kababaihan: Tungo sa Kaunlaran.

This will be a celebration of women making more empowered choices, making their voices better heard, and benefiting from as well as trailblazing changes for the better. If the main theme was all about making change work for women, the 2022 subtheme will be all about assessing if the changes made have actually benefited women.  

We all know how badly the COVID 19 pandemic has affected the entire world, from entire continents to the individual person.  In the PCW Website, it is stated that, “With the country still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, studies and data show that the health crisis stalled movements towards gender equality, worsening inequalities, further exposing gender gaps, and exacerbating vulnerabilities in social and political, and economic aspects.”

Now, as the world is striving to adjust to the New Normal, it is an opportune time to ensure that all of our GAD and GEWE efforts will get back on track, with the end goal of fully and sustainably empowering women. After all, sustainable growth and development on the macro level will be greatly bolstered with greater equality and more opportunities opened up for women. Women must be empowered to become fulltime and full-fledged partners towards long-term, sustainable growth and development of our country, especially in the New Normal. 

Imagine a world free of bias and stereotypes and pigeonholing. Imagine a more equitable world where equal access and equal opportunity are norms and not just buzzwords. Imagine a brighter, more hopeful future. And lastly, imagine a world that does not have to celebrate Women’s month, because their successes are not just celebrated for a month every year but on a daily basis. 

That world, that future, is built on gender equality, and we need to start building that future today.

As your President and CEO, I commit to lead by example by ensuring that efforts be made within our organization to make sure that we empower our women, that we pursue gender equality, and to make sure we continue to build PNOC EC to be a corporation that challenges stereotypes and bias.  

Happy National Women’s Month and Happy International Women’s Day to one and all.

To God be all the Glory!






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